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Winter Texans

Whether you are looking for just a month in the Fall for some premium fishing or looking to escape the cold snowy winters of the North, we are your perfect destination. The Dunes hosts special events throughout the Winter Season.

Some of the reasons we enjoy such popularity is the camaraderie between the guests and staff, and the many activities we schedule on their behalf. Activities such as cooking schools, taught by local restaurateurs featuring their signature dishes, ladies coffee & crafts, game nights, potlucks & dinner dances with a variety of music. Your stay at The Dunes will be filled with entertainment and excitement. Events start in January and we close the season with a Poolside BBQ.

 Lease Deposit Policy

  1. To make reservations for the Winter Season, Winter Texans must leave a $500 “good faith” deposit and a $25 reservation fee.
    • The $500 “good faith” refundable deposit will be held until you have signed and returned the lease contract on or before October 1.
    • The $500 “good faith” deposit will be non-refundable after October 1. Please make sure that you contact our office and request your “good faith” deposit refund prior to October 1 should you decide not to stay with us this upcoming year.
    • The $500 “good faith” deposit will be applied to your rental charges for your first month’s rent.
    • Unfortunately, if the $500 “good faith” deposit is not received at the time of your current departure, we will not be able to make or hold a reservation for the upcoming year. If this is the case, we strongly urge you to contact our office any time prior to October 1 to make your reservation, but please understand that a room may not be available at that time.
  2. Upon receipt of the Lease Contract, you must sign the contract and return it to The Dunes by October 1 with the following amounts listed below to bring your reservation deposit to the required half down payment for the first month’s rent.

Deposit Requirements

  • Good Faith Deposit
  • Half down 1st month’s rent Balance Due with contract
  • Balance Due at Check In for 1st Month’s Lease

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made after we receive your signed contract and before October 1 will result in an 80% return of your total deposit. Cancellations made after October 1, will result in full forfeiture of any and all deposits.

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